Simply Migrate v4.4 Release Notes

While we’re working away at our soon to come v5 release, we felt a preview of some of our hard work was worth a point release of it’s own, v4.4 is out and we have plenty of new features.

What’s new in version v4.4

New Feature: New Web Reporting Interface

Web UI Dashboard v4.4

After a major face-lift and a whole swag of new features, the first version of our new web based management interface is ready for use in v4.4.

Powered by our RESTful Web API our new interface makes monitoringĀ and working with jobs simpleĀ for all admins and project stakeholders.

We’ll be rapidly adding new features and functionality in the coming releases so keep the feedback coming in.

New Feature: Dropbox support

By popular demand we have added Dropbox support to enable migrations to and from Dropbox users using our PowerShell module, our API or

New Feature: Google Drive support

Why stop at almost all of the major cloud data storage companies? Google Drive support now available via all of our usual modules, APIs and interfaces.

New Feature: Zantaz EAS file system discovery and rehydration

In addition to our Zantaz EAS mail archive discovery and rehydration support, we have now full support for Zantaz file system archives.

Other Improvements in v4.4

  • File System, EML and MSG sources and targets have been overhauled for performance and stability.
  • Auto-detect Exchange server version is now on by default.
  • Bugfixes, bugfixes, bugfixes.

Contact your partner or support representative now to upgrade.

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