Enterprise Vault shortcut rehydration

No need for waffle, let’s make it simple.


Here are a few scenarios I have seen this week. You may be familiar with a few of them.

  • “We’re acquiring a part of a company, and they have Enterprise Vault shortcuts in the mailboxes”
  • “We’re merging with a company, and they used to use EV, we need to rehydrate the shortcuts in the mailboxes”
  • “We are moving to Office 365, and we need to rehydrate the EV shortcuts and stubs in the mailboxes”
  • “We are decommissioning EV and want the data in users mailboxes rehydrated to the full fidelity items they were”
  • “We are doing some capacity planning, and want to know the impact on mailboxes if we rehydrate the shortcuts or stubs before we do anything”

These are just a few of the things I have heard as drivers for our customers to use Simply Migrate to rehydrate their mailbox data from EV shortcuts. Instead of giving you any marketing spiel, I am going to go right ahead and show it to you.

Once you have installed Simply Migrate and got it configured (That should take you about 10 minutes in reality).  Go ahead and open the Simply Migrate Management Shell.  Then it’s just a matter of creating the job that makes sense for your environment.

These are the job creation cmdlets.  Now, for the sake of simplicity, these are just creating a rehydration job for a single mailbox, but those of you who are savvy with PowerShell, you can already see how easy it is to build upon that with a slight change to the snippet shown.

Enterprise Vault Shortcut rehydration

New-SMJob -Source Exchange -SourceInput john@appleseed.com -RehydrationSource EnterpriseVault -SourceOptions UseStream -SourceCredential $creds -BatchId 1

The default behaviour here is that the stubs or shortcuts are replaced with their “original” items and the stubs vanish, it’s like magic.

It’s all well and good to have your wonderful techies satisfied that things worked and were so easy to do, but people love a good UI as well.  So, not to exclude anyone, when you run these commands, our gorgeous, informative, intuitive, and fast management UI, will show the progress and outcome of each of those jobs.

Oh, one last thing.  If you have multiple EV sites, and your users have shortcuts in their mailbox from multiple sites (movers, etc), you don’t need to reprocess a mailbox multiple times, we handle that by default.  See, we really do make things simpler.

I know I said, “one last thing” in the previous paragraph, but I will quickly add that shortcut rehydration is just as simple for shortcuts in PST files for those of you where that is a problem, and let’s face it, users do some pretty crazy things.


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