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We’ve been seeing a lot of customers coming away from Enterprise Vault recently.  It’s interesting, but not that surprising if you think about it.  Many of our customers are moving to the likes of Office 365, Mimecast, or some other cloud based solution.

Where we shine with projects is that we actively remove complexity, cost and overhead. A little while ago, I wrote briefly about Enterprise Vault shortcut rehydration. The article highlights how straight forward it is and just how little technical knowledge is required to get the job done. Not much changes when it comes to other scenarios we see day to day. Let’s dive in to a few of those.

Q: I would like to migrate my users archive to the Office 365 Archive mailbox.

New-SMJob -Source EnterpriseVault -SourceInput 18E4552F209E7824C885BDB53607A793E1110000evserver1 -SourceOptions UseStream -target Exchange -targetOutput job@appleseed.com -targetCredential $creds -TargetOptions UseArchive, UseStream -BatchID 1

So, that’s all well and good and suits a single user, but you don’t want to know every EV ArchiveID to do this, and you don’t want to type this 10000 times for each of your users, because it looks complicated. So, let’s look at why I am showing you this first, and then we can show you more examples to simplify your life.

Firstly, the above cmdlet will take all data from a specific ArchiveID, and migrate it to the original folder structure in the users Archive Mailbox (Note the use of UseArchive in the TargetOptions). You can easily run a report that provides you with each users archiveID, email address, along with number of items, size of archive, etc. We see this used quite a bit for smaller implementations where a single script can be run to create all the jobs for the users, and off it goes with the migration.

Slightly more complex or larger migrations require the flexibility to perform the above action with minimal interaction with core product, or the EV infrastructure. We thought about that, and and below is an example.

New-SMJob -Source EnterpriseVault -SourceInput John.Appleseed -SourceOptions EVADUser, UseStream -target Exchange -targetOutput job@appleseed.com -targetCredential $creds -TargetOptions UseArchive,UseStream -BatchID 1

OK. While the above change is quite subtle, it’s important. Notice the addition of SourceOptions EVADUser, that will now take a users alias and find their archive in EV and migrate it. This empowers you to use an Active Directory Group (for example) as a way to generate jobs for Simply Migrate. Add users to a group, and that job is automatically created, the data migrated and you have only had to add a user to a group for the process to start. Simple.

Scalability and flexibility are firmly engrained in our thinking and approach to these migrations. It’s simple to see why more and more customers are choosing Simply Migrate over the alternatives when PowerShell is such a big part of the lives of admins already.

There are additional benefits that can be gained when performing Enterprise Vault migrations and rehydrations, one such example is using the MultiPartJob options we deliver. Instead of rehashing that though, here’s a link to an article showing the power it delivers. Take a look at it here

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