Metalogix Archive Manager Exchange Edition Migrations

We are pleased to announce that Simply Migrate now supports Metalogix Archive Manager Exchange Edition as a source for migrations.  The email data from Metalogix can be migrated to our popular targets including Exchange, O365, PST, Mimecast and raw MSG files.

If you’re familiar with our PowerShell commands then the syntax for creating Metalogix jobs will come as no surprise.  The below command will create a job to migrate the Metalogix mailbox “123” to PST

New-SmJob -Source Metalogix -SourceInput 123 -Target PSTFile -TargetOutput r:\temp\mypst.pst

But what does mailbox “123” mean and where do you get “123” from?

Simply Migrate Metalogix PowerShell Commands

At Simply Migrate we like to makes simple and easy, that’s why as well as creating a Metalogix source we can also unveil a range of PowerShell commands to discover, analyse and test your migrations before starting.

Some of examples below make use of the Export-Csv command in PowerShell which can sometimes be useful to visualise a lot of data.

The first command Get-SmMetalogixMailBox can be used to retrieve a list of Metalogix mailboxes.

Get-SmMetalogixMailBox -ExcludeDeleted -DisplayName Paul | Export-Csv -NoTypeInformation -Path r:\temp\metalogix.csv

In the above command we are retrieving all non-deleted mailboxes with a display name starting with Paul and exporting to CSV. The basic stats on each mailbox can help you plan and prioritise your migrations while the outputted CSV can be imported to create the migration jobs for each user.

List of Metalogix mailboxes
The output of Get-SmMetalogixMailBox can be used to discover and plan as well as create migration jobs

Once you have a mailbox you can inspect it further to make valuable decisions about the priority or filters to apply (folder or date ranges). For example the next command Get-SmMetalogixFolderStructure retrieves the folder structure for a specific mailbox and the message count for each folder.

Get-SmMetalogixFolderStructure -MailBoxId 115 | Export-Csv -NoTypeInformation -Path r:\temp\folders.csv
List of folders in Metalogix mailbox
A list of folders in a Metalogix mailbox can be used for analysis and planning as well as setting up Job filters

If you want even deeper information you can use the Get-SmMetalogixDiscovery command to run a Mailbox discovery, this will show you basic folder and message information. You might want to use this information to find particular messages or plan your migration.

Get-SmMetalogixDiscovery -MailBoxId 115 | Export-Csv -NoTypeInformation -Path r:\temp\meta.csv
List of Metalogix Folders and Messages
A full Discovery can be exported to return Folder and Message data from Metalogix helping to identify individual messages and plan migrations

Finally, with the Export-SmMetalogixMessage command you can export individual messages, which offers an excellent solution for both testing and for extracting small subsets of data.

Export-SmMetalogixMessage -MessageId 212143 -OutputPath r:\temp

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