Data migration, reimagined.

What it is about

Simply Migrate takes your data very seriously.  Every day, we are trusted to migrate sensitive and critical data for investment banks, engineering firms, pharmaceutical companies and forensics analysis organisations the world over.  Our customers trust our data handling as we have proven time and time again that we maintain a focused and deliberate view on the security and integrity of your data.

We are constantly innovating and simplifying the industry.  We maintain a strict eye on ensuring we handle data with utmost integrity, security and efficiency.  We are trusted to move and report on data ranging from a single consumer, all the way through to PetaBytes of data for our enterprise customers.

Simplifying data migration

Simply Migrate consists of an amazing group of people.  People who came together to deliver a vision of simplification and efficiency to an industry that desperately needed it. Innovating simplicity into an industry that is innately complex, is not easy task.  It has taken years of research, understanding, experience, and education to get to where we are today, and we will never stop learning.

Solving complex problems with simplicity using our data migration tool, means our customers experience second to none migrations without any unnecessary noise.

Our priority was and still is your data – your migration projects done simply, securely and successfully.

Secure, expert handling of your data

At Simply Migrate, all work undertaken is internal and never outsourced. We believe that something as sensitive as your data needs to be handled with expert care and precision, which is why we apply our personal knowledge to each project and we manage the migration from start to finish.

Each partner and technology that we support and place our name next to undergoes a careful process of rigorous selection. We ensure that we can address each and every challenge that comes with the migration of data to and from a source. It’s something we take very seriously and will always view in a professional manner.

Make your migrations simpler, faster and more secure with Simply Migrate.
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