Data migration Re-Imagined

We make life simpler

Simply Migrate is written from the ground up to be a simple, beautiful, secure, scalable, data migration solution.

We have a very wide range of supported technologies, and we make life even easier through the choices of a PowerShell module, a Management UI, and a REST API.


Management UI


We’re Secure

The product was built using secure development practices. Your data security and integrity is our number one concern.

Wed don’t store your data, so you know your data is safe.

We’re Extensible

Want to integrate our product with your tools. No problem.

We have a well-documented and powerful modern REST API ready for you to use.

This also compliments our highly flexible PowerShell module.

We’re Just Like You

We used to perform migration just like you.

We thought tools out there were too complex, too cumbersome, so we wrote our own.

We know your pain points and we’re here to solve them.

Our supported technologies

Office 365

Moving to or from Office 365 has never been so easy.

Stub Rehydration

Enterprise Vault or Zantaz EAS shortcuts (stubs) for email or file system handled seamlessly.

Enterprise Vault

Migrating to or from Enterprise Vault has never been so simple.

OneDrive for Business

Migrating to, from, or between OneDrive for business accounts done simply.


Migrating OneDrive consumer has never been so simple.

Zantaz (EAS)

Zantaz mail or file system migration or rehydration done right. Simple and elegant.

EMC Email Xtender

Migrating away from EMC Mail Xtender is fast and easy.


Files migrated to or from any of our sources or targets made easier than ever.

Microsoft Exchange

Migrating data to or from Microsoft Exchange made simple.

Microsoft Exchange Public Folders

Get a handle of your Public Folder estate faster and easier than ever.

Microsoft Sharepoint document libraries

Migrating to or from Sharepoint document libraries done simply.

PST Files

Discover and Migrate PST files easier than ever before.

Google Drive

Google Drive as a source or target of data is so easy.


Box as a source or target of data is made easy.


Let us help you get to or from Mimecast.

Zantaz (EAS) Rehydration

File system or email rehydrations are easy and fast.

Enterprise Vault Rehydration

EV Email Rehydrations are simple, fast and reliable.

Bloomberg XML

Got Bloomberg XML data you need migrated? Look no further.

EML or MSG files

EML or MSG files, zipped or raw, we can migrate them.


Get your data in or out of Dropbox seamlessly.