Autonomy Enterprise Archive (EAS)

Autonomy Enterprise Archive (EAS)

Enterprise Archive Solution (EAS) is an enterprise file, social media and email archiving software program originally developed by Educom in 2000.

EAS was subsequently acquired by Zantaz, Autonomy and HP and is currently owned by Capax Discovery.

Enterprise Archive Solution has the ability to archive content from various sources such as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, various file systems such as NTFS, social media such as Twitter and Facebook, and instant messaging such as Microsoft Skype.


Moving away fromĀ Autonomy EAS with Simply Migrate is simple, fast and easy.

At its heart, Simply Migrate is here to make data migration from Autonomy EAS as easy as possible. Here’s a view of how we achieve that;

If you are ;

  • Moving to the cloud.
  • Moving to an alternative archive solution.
  • Wanting to control how the data is moved, and what is moved.
  • Wanting a handle on the bandwidth that is used and who moves data.
  • Wanting itemised reporting on all items.
  • Rehydration of Zantaz EAS shortcuts.
  • Wanting to see the impact of migrating shortcuts before actually performing the migration.
  • Wanting to get the job done without turning your migration product into a project of its own.

or your own reasons. We are here to help.


Simply Migrate was built from the ground up using modern tools and frameworks to have a small footprint, be highly scalable, and to ensure we are a secure solution. Some of our major benefits are;

  • Multi-server, multi-process and multi-thread architecture, for blazing throughput.
  • PowerShell automation, for super flexible migrations.
  • Simply Migrate API, to help integrate with your monitoring, line of business applications, or just because you want reports the way you want them.
  • Beautiful modern intuitive Web UI, because no one wants to look at awful UIs.
  • Low footprint installation, to save you infrastructure costs.
  • Encryption applied throughout product, to keep your data safe and secure.


Our Value Add To Autonomy EAS Migrations

  • Rehydration of EAS Shortcuts in place (or to a new location).
  • Control the network impact of your data move.
  • Move in a staged fashion to ensure you are in control.
  • Get itemised reporting along the way.
  • Understanding your licensing impacts.
  • Filtering options to help you migrate the data you really need.
  • Chain of custody, to ensure you know what is being migrated for compliance reasons.


Simply Migrate has unparalleled flexibly when it comes to what you migrate. Some of our major benefits are;

  • PowerShell driven so you can incorporate us into any existing scripts you have.
  • Documented API allowing you total flexibility to do your own thing.
  • Beautiful, intuitive UI.
  • Easy to learn and get started (average deployment to migration time is 5 minutes)

Ask us about simple, fast and secure migrations today!