EV Rehydration

Enterprise Vault (EV) Shortcut Rehydration

Simply Migrate provides a simple (it’s in the name really isn’t it), fast, secure, reliable way to turn those pesky shortcuts back into the original items.

We pride ourselves on being a PowerShell Module at heart.  Giving your the flexibility and scalability to deliver a project the way you want it.  But it doesn’t stop there, if you prefer a UI, ours is intuitive, responsive, fast, informative and tells you what you need to know about your EV Rehydration jobs (Actually, it’s like that for all types of jobs, but our SEO guy said we needed to say EV Rehydration in here).

Below is a view of some high level thoughts about EV shortcuts and how we approach the issue.


If you are decommissioning Veritas Enterprise Vault or you just have users moving around to non-EV enabled servers, Or if you’re moving to Office 365 and you hate the issue of EV not working the way you wished it would, we are here to make life simple again.

We have blog posts, support articles, office banter, and I think I have a post-it note somewhere with reasons on why we perform EV rehydrations.  Here’s a few bullet points to help that along. (I think these are from that post-it note!)

If you ;

  • Want an understanding of how an EV Rehydration will impact your environment before you do anything.
  • Are moving to Office 365 and want the original items back.
  • Migrating to an alternative archiving solution.
  • Moving to a hosted environment.
  • Wanting to control how the data is moved, and what is moved.
  • Wanting itemised reporting on every item and folder.
  • Wanting to get the job done without turning the “Rehydrate my shortcuts” part of the project into a project of its own.

Or your own reasons. We are here to help.


Simply Migrate was built from the ground up using modern tools and frameworks to have a small footprint, be highly scalable, and to ensure we are a secure solution. Some of our major benefits are;

  • Multi-server, multi-process and multi-thread architecture, for blazing throughput and scalability.
  • PowerShell automation, for super flexible migrations.
  • Simply Migrate API, to help integrate with your monitoring, line of business applications, or just because you want reports the way you want them.
  • Beautiful modern intuitive Web UI, because no one wants to look at ugly UIs.
  • Low footprint installation, to save you infrastructure costs.
    Encryption applied throughout product, to keep your data safe and secure.


Our Value add for EV Rehydration reporting or migrations

  • Understand what you currently have in you Mailboxes, Archives, or file system.
  • Control the network impact of your rehydrations.
  • Move in a staged fashion to ensure you are in control (Or go nuts and do it all at once, we’re easy!).
  • Move only the data you want.
  • Get itemised reporting along the way.
  • Understanding your licensing impacts.
  • Filtering options to help you migrate the data you really need.
  • Chain of custody, to ensure you know what is being migrated for compliance or regulatory reasons.


Simply Migrate has unparalleled flexibly when it comes to what you migrate. Some of our major benefits are;

  • PowerShell driven so you can incorporate us into any existing scripts you have.
  • Documented API allowing you total flexibility to do your own thing.
  • Beautiful, intuitive UI.
  • Easy to learn and get started (average deployment to migration time is 5 minutes)
  • Simple!

Ask us about simple, fast and secure migrations today!