Veritas Enterprise Vault


Veritas Enterprise Vault

Veritas Enterprise Vault (EV), formerly Symantec Enterprise Vault (EV), is an enterprise information archive platform developed by Veritas Technologies.

It is part of the company’s “Information Governance” suite. Enterprise Vault has the ability to archive from various sources such as Microsoft Exchange (2016,2013, 2010, 2007,2003), SMTP (any), IBM Domino (latest release), Microsoft SharePoint and various File Systems (NTFS, Unix) with the ability to store on a multiple of storage platforms, such as NTFS, NetApp, Centera, CIFS and WORM.

The data archived is indexed, classified, de-duplicated and securely stored.


Moving Veritas Enterprise Vault with Simply Migrate has never been quicker and easier.

There may be many reasons why your decision to use our Veritas Enterprise Vault source to one of our many target options.

Whether it’s;

  • Moving to the cloud
  • Moving to a new version of the product
  • Moving to a new technology stack


We have you covered.


Simply Migrate was built ground up using modern tools to be a low footprint, but highly scalable, secure solution. Some of our major benefits are;

  • Multi-server, multi-process and multi-thread architecture, for blazing throughput.
  • PowerShell automation, for super flexible migrations.
  • Simply Migrate API, to help integrate with your monitoring, line of business applications.
  • Beautiful modern intuitive Web UI, because no one wants to look at awful UIs.
  • Low footprint installation, to save you infrastructure costs.
  • Encryption applied throughout product, to keep your data safe and secure.


Our Value Add To Veritas Enterprise Vault Migrations

  • No need for Veritas Enterprise Vault API, for more accurate migrations.
  • Direct access to Veritas Enterprise Vault databases, for maximum migration throughput.
  • Massively flexible filtering options, to help you migrate the data you really need.
  • Chain of custody, to ensure you know what is being migrated for compliance reasons.


Simply Migrate has unparalleled flexibly when it comes to what you migrate. Some of our major benefits are;

  • Seamless stub and shortcut migrations, its our bread and butter.
  • In place stub and shortcut re-hydration, to make your migrations easier and quicker.
  • Direct data migrations, no intermediate format need for speedy migrations.
  • Full data fidelity, we ensure your data is as is when migrated.

Ask us about simple, fast and secure migrations today!