How To: Discover PST Files on a Computer

Detailed Description

This How To will provide steps how to find all PST files located on a computer using the Simply Migrate PowerShell module.

Create Job

Creating a job to discover PST files located on a computer is syntactically a very simple but powerful command.

New-SmJob -Source Discovery -SourceInput ComputerName -BatchId 1 -Tags "PST Discovery"

Lets go through what we just did and break it down.

  • Source – Here we have specified Discovery, indicating that we wish to discover files.
  • SourceInput – This is either the path to a share, a drive or just a computer name.  If a computer name is specified, a call is made requesting all fixed drives on the computer and all drives are scanned.
  • BatchId – This tells the job to which batch it belongs.
  • Tags – You can give your jobs nice tags so they are easier to group in the Management User Interface.