How To: Rehydrate Zantaz EAS file System stubs

Detailed Description

This How To will provide steps on how to rehydrate Zantaz EAS file system stubs on a given file system using the Simply Migrate Management Shell.
To ensure that database connection strings and permissions have been correctly set, please follow the steps outlined in the following article;
Post-Installation Guide

Create Job

To rehydrate file system stubs on a network share, the following cmdlet can be used.

PS C:\Program Files\Simply Migrate> New-SMJob -Source FileSystem -SourceInput \\Server\Share -RehydrationSource Zantaz -BatchID 1

The parameter in the above example RehydrationSource is the key here, this will cause the job to discover all EAS stubs located anywhere under the SourceInput folder structure and replace the files with the “original item” from EAS.   It is important to note that the Last Modified time and Creation time are maintained from the original item.