Index of Windows PowerShell cmdlets for Simply Migrate

Detailed Description

The following is a list of Windows PowerShell cmdlets that are included with Simply Migrate in verbĀ order.

Simply Migrate cmdlets in Verb Order

cmdlet Name Description
Add-SMBatchJob Adds a job to a batch.
Add-SMLicense Adds a Simply Migrate license.
Expand-SMZantazArchive Expands a Zantaz Archive.
Get-SMBatch Returns the details of a batch.
Get-SMCenteraClip Returns an EMC Centera clip details.
Get-SMConfig Returns the current Simply Migrate configuration.
Get-SMDatabaseUpdates Returns schema version information applied to the Simply Migrate database.
Get-SMJob Returns the details of a job.
Get-SMJobs Returns the details of multiple jobs.
Get-SMLicense Returns the Simply Migrate licence details.
Get-SMLicenseHardwareId Returns the Hardware Id for licensing purposes.
Get-SMPlugins Returns details about Simply Migrate plugins.
Get-SMPstAlternativePassword Returns the value of a password protected PST file.
Get-SMPstInfo Returns content statistics of a PST file.
Get-SMPstIsPasswordProtected Returns a value if a PST file is password protected.
Import-SMJobs Imports a job/s from a CSV file.
New-SMAuthToken Creates a new OAuth authentication session with a given provider.
New-SMBatch Creates a new batch.
New-SMJob Creates a new job.
New-SMJobConfig Creates a new job configuration.
New-SMMultiPartJob Creates a new multi-part job.
Optimize-SMDatabase Optimizes the Simply Migrate database indexes.
Remove-SMBatchJob Removes a job from a batch.
Resume-SMCancelledJob Resumes cancelled job/s.
Set-SMBatch Sets the proeprties of a batch.
Set-SMConfig Sets a Simply Migrate configuration property.
Set-SMJob Sets details of a job.
Set-SMJobConfig Sets the confiration details of a job.
Start-SMBatch Starts a batch.
Stop-SMJob Stops a job.
Update-SMDatabase Updates the Simply Migrate database.

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