JobStatus is the state a Simply Migrate Job is currently in.  the different Statuses are described below.

What are they

Simply Migrate Jobs can appear in any of the following Statuses.

CreatedWhen a Simply Migrate Job is newly created using New-SmJob or reset using Set-SmJob the initial Status of the Job is Created.
AuthenticatingAs a Simply Migrate Job is starting, it may need to Authenticate to the Source or Target technologies.  This status is displayed during that operation.
DiscoveryThe Discovery Job Status is displayed while Simply Migrate gathers and inserts metadata about the object to be migrated or reported into the Simply Migrate Database.
ProcessingSimply Migrate Jobs with this status are actively migrating data.
OnHoldWhen a job is processing data, and the Batch Controller it is running in is stopped, a Job is placed OnHold.  When the Batch Controller starts up, OnHold Jobs will be processed first.
CompleteOnce a Simply Migrate Job has completed performing the assigned migration or report, if no items were encountered with errors, the Job will end with this status.
CompleteWithErrorsIf a Simply Migrate Job processes all items found during the discovery phase but any items failed to migrate, the job will complete with errors.  Further information is available about ItemStatuses.  It is possible to reattempt processing of Failed items by issuing a Resume-SmJob.
FailedA simply Migrate Job can fail for a variety of reasons.  The cause of the failure is described in the StatusMessage of the job that has failed.  Once the cause of the failure has been rectified, Resume-SmJob can be used to reprocess failed items, and proceed to Job success.
CancelledIt is possible to stop a Simply Migrate Job during processing.  This will render the job in a Cancelled state and will not process again until issued with a Resume-SmJob.
DeletedThere may be situations where you create Jobs erroneously, or no longer wish to see some jobs in any reporting.  Issuing a Remove-SmJob will place a job in to a Deleted state.