How To: Get a list of User Archives from Metalogix Archive Manager Exchange Edition

Detailed Description

This How To will provide steps on how to get a list of user archives from Metalogix Archive Manager Exchange Edition.
This is a precursor to extracting from Archive Manager.

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Simply Migrate comes with a handy little helper cmdlet that gets you a list of all user archives from Archive Manager. The following is an example of getting the user archives into a CSV file.

the following cmdlet doesn’t log to the Simply Migrate database, it can be used to create a CSV file showing relevant data about archives, or put into a variable to use in a migration script.

Get-SmMetalogixMailBox -ExcludeDeleted -DisplayName Paul | Export-Csv -NoTypeInformation -Path r:\temp\metalogix.csv

Lets go through what we just did and break it down.

  • ExcludeDeleted – This indicates that we will not query Metalogix for archives with deleted mailboxes.  Excluding this attribute, will give you a view of all archives, including those with deleted mailboxes.
  • DisplayName – Adding a string here, will use this as a filter for user archives where the string appears.  In the above example, we have chosen the name Paul.