How To: Migrate an Enterprise Vault Archive to Mimecast.

Detailed Description

This How To will provide steps on migrating a Veritas Enterprise Vault Archive to Mimecast using the Simply Migrate Management Shell.
To ensure that the Simply Migrate client as been correctly set, please follow the steps outlined in the following article;
Post-Installation Guide

Create Job

How to migrate a single Enterprise Vault archive to a Mimecast user archive;

New-SmJob -Source EnterpriseVault -SourceInput 12D1D53C97908DD408A3E0702B2810A0E1110000evserver1 -Target Mimecast -TargetOutput -tags 'EV Archive Migration' -Batchid 1

The above cmdlet will migrate everything found in the archive ‘12D1D53C97908DD408A3E0702B2810A0E1110000evserver1‘ to a users Mimecast Archive.  The folder structure in the users Enterprise Vault archive will be reflected in the users Mimecast Archive.

I've got thousands of users though .. what do I do?

Simply Migrate offers a script to report on all Enterprise Vault archives, and resolve them against user email addresses.  The result is a CSV file that can be used to automate job creation as shown below:

PS C:\> Get-SmEVStatistics -archiveTypesSelected UsersOnly -lookupEmailInAD -pathToReport c:\temp\EVData.csv

$EvData = Import-CSV c:\temp\EVData.csv

foreach ($uA in $EvData) {
New-SmJob -Source EnterpriseVault -SourceInput $($uA.ArchiveID) -Target Mimecast -TargetOutput $($uA.Email) -BatchId 1

The above script shows you how to get a job created for all of the user archives found in Enterprise Vault.

What about journal data?

Enterprise Vault Journal data is another very common source we see migrating to Mimecast.  The same script mentioned above, can be used to migrate journal data as shown below.  The script will split the journal jobs into monthly segments.

PS C:\> Get-SmEVStatistics -archiveTypesSelected JournalOnly  -splitJournals -pathToReport c:\temp\EVJData.csv

$EvData = Import-CSV c:\temp\EVData.csv

foreach ($uA in $EvData) {
New-SmJob -Source EnterpriseVault -SourceInput $($uA.ArchiveID) -DateFrom $($uA.DateFrom) -DateTo $($uA.DateTo) -Target Mimecast -TargetOptions Journal -BatchId 1