How To: Migrate An Enterprise Vault User Archive to PST

Detailed Description

This How To will provide steps how a Veritas Enterprise Vault User Archive can be migrated to a PST file using the Simply Migrate Management Shell.
To ensure permissions have been correctly set, please follow the steps outlined in the following article;
Enterprise Vault Permissions

Create Job

The job syntax for creating an Enterprise Vault export to PST is shown here:

New-SmJob -Source EnterpriseVault -SourceInput 12D1D53C97908DD408A3E0702B2810A0E1110000evserver1 -Target PSTFile -TargetOutput "F:\PSTFile.pst" -MaxPSTSize 5120 -BatchId 1 -Tags "PST Extract"

Lets go through what we just did and break it down.
The cmdlet options we have used are the following parameters;

Source – You can tab through this list to see all supported Technologies that you can export data FROM, we chose EnterpriseVault
SourceInput – This is the archive you want to migrate the data from.  This is the ArchiveID of the archive we wish to export.  There’s a handy script to collect all your EV data here.
Target – You can tab through the supported technologies that you want to migrate data TO, in the above, we have chosen PSTFile.
TargetOutput – This is going to be the path to a PST file you would like to migrate data to.
MaxPSTSize – This sets a maximum PST file size for the target files. It is specified in MB. When a file reaches this size it will be closed off and a new one started with an incrementing number appended to the name.
BatchId – This tells the job to which batch it belongs.
Tags – You can give your jobs nice tags so they are easier to group in the Management User Interface.