How To: Migrate an Orphaned Enterprise Vault Archive to an Exchange Archive Mailbox

Detailed Description

This How To will provide steps how a Veritas Enterprise Vault Archive can be migrated to a Microsoft Exchange Archive Mailbox using the Simply Migrate Management Shell.
To ensure that database connection strings and permissions have been correctly set, please follow the steps outlined in the following article;
Post-Installation Guide

Create Job

There are occasions when you will want to migrate a specific archive, for a leaver as an example, where the archive is orphaned.

PS C:\Program Files\Simply Migrate> New-SMJob -Source EnterpriseVault -SourceInput 1F3AF30841A148E40B33C39BF19C50A811110000EVLONDON -SourceOptions UseStream -Target Exchange -TargetOutput -TargetOptions UseArchive, UseStream, Ex2016 -TargetEwsUrl (Get-SmDefaultEwsUrl) -TargetCredential (Get-Credential) -TargetFolder "My old EV Data" -BatchID 1                                    

The parameter in the above example TargetFolder, will migrate the EV Archive with the ArchiveID of 1F3AF30841A148E40B33C39BF19C50A811110000EVLONDON to the “My old EV Data” folder in the users Online Archive Mailbox, maintaining the original folder structure from the archive. If the folder does not exist, it will be created.

Description of parameters used;