Post-Installation Guide

Detailed Description

The Simply Migrate Management Shell is designed to make life easy for data migrations.
The following article outlines post installation tasks to prepare you for using there product for a range of sources and targets.

Configure Simply Migrate Database Connection

Once the Simply Migrate Management Shell is installed, click the icon to launch a session, your window will look like this;

PS C:\Program Files\Simply Migrate>                                    

Now we’ll configure out Simply Migrate Database connection string using the following command;

PS C:\Program Files\Simply Migrate> Set-SMConfig -SimplyMigrateDB "Server=MY_SQL_SERVER;Database=SimplyMigrate;Trusted_Connection=True;"

We can now validate that the configuration has been applied by viewing a list of properties that can be set within the Simply Migrate Management Console. The current configuration can be viewed with the following cmdlet, Get-SMConfig;

Version                          : 4.4.X.X
LicenseKey                       : ABCD-ABCD-ABCD-ABCD-ABCD-ABCD-ABCD
TempFolder                       : C:\Temp\Temp
LogFolder                        : C:\Temp\Logs
SimplyMigrateDB                  : Server=My SQL Server;Database=SimplyMigrate;Trusted_Connection=True
SQLCommandTimeout                : 360
UseAzureSqlStrategy              : False
ReportLogging                    : Detailed
ConsoleLogging                   : Info
FileLogging                      : Trace
DatabaseLogging                  : Debug
MaxProcesses                     : 4
MaxThreads                       : 12
DequeueCount                     : 1000
PluginsPath                      : C:\Program Files (x86)\Simply Migrate\Plugins
UpdateStatisticsInterval         : 14400
LogProgressEvery                 : 30
MaxSingleFailuresPct             : 90
MaxRetries                       : 4
RetryDelay                       : 30
IncludeMsgClass                  : {IPM.*}
LogDiscoverySeconds              : 30
MaxDiscoveryRetries              : 30
RetryOnHoldDiscoverySeconds      : 900
MaxDiscoveryEntryRetries         : 24
RetryFailedDiscoveryEntrySeconds : 3600
DiscoveryFileExtensions          : {msg}
ExcludedPaths                    : {{0}$Recycle.Bin\, {0}Program Files\, {0}Program Files (x86)\, {0}Windows\...}
EVDirectoryDB                    : Server=EV_SQL_Server;Database=EnterpriseVaultDirectory;Trusted_Connection=True
EVStoreDBStub                    : Server={0};Database={1};Trusted_Connection=True;
EvDiscoveryMaxThreads            : 16
EvDiscoveryLogSeconds            : 60
ArchiveManagerConnectionString   :
MetalogixConnectionString        :
ZantazConnectionString           :
EmailXtenderDatabaseServer       :
EmailXtenderUnPackContainerPath  :
MimecastAppId                    :
MimecastBaseUrl                  :
MaxConcurrentEwsConnections      : 10

Database creation

Now that you have configured the database connections.  Simply Migrate has an internal cmdlet to get your database created and configured.
Update-SmDatabase will use the connection string you have created above, and create the SimplyMigrate database on the specified server.


At this stage it is easiest to get your product license installed.  Using the Add-SmLicense cmdlet you can apply an online or offline license.
A detailed description of how this is done can be found here.

Configuring the Management UI and API

If you elected to install the Simply Migrate Management UI and Simply Migrate REST API, it is straight forward to configure them at this stage.
The only additional prerequisite to hosting the Simply Migrate Management UI is that DotNet Core Web hosting is installed.  You can get that from the following link :
.NET Core Windows Server Hosting bundle
Once installed, open a Simply Migrate Management shell as an Administrator (needed for the installer to interact with IIS) and run the following command :


Answer Y to the next question :

Would you like to install the Web API and UI components for Simply Migrate? Y

This will prompt you for credentials.  Enter the credentials you are running the Simply Migrate management shall as.  (the user that has permissions to the Simply Migrate database).
You will then be prompted with two additional questions, you can hit enter to accept the default values.

What port would you like the Simply Migrate Management UI to listen on?: 80
What port would you like the Simply Migrate API to listen on?: 25714

The results should look like this :

PS C:\Windows\system32> Configure-SimplyMigrate

Would you like to install the Web API and UI components for Simply Migrate?

cmdlet Get-Credential at command pipeline position 1
Supply values for the following parameters:
What port would you like the Simply Migrate Management UI to listen on?: 80
What port would you like the Simply Migrate API to listen on?: 25714

Success Restart Needed Exit Code Feature Result
------- -------------- --------- --------------
True    No             NoChangeNeeded {}
That's it. You're ready to start migrating.

PS C:\Windows\system32>

This will trigger a process to gather all additional pre-requestes for the Simply Migrate Management UI and API, configure the Application Pools, and the websites.
It is recommended that an IISRESET is performed after this process.
Open up a browser and visit the server name url or http://localhost if you are on the same server as the installation and you will be treated with your Management UI.

Simply Migrate UI